Midwest Presort has been one of Indiana’s leading  mail presort houses since 1988.  We strive to give our customers excellent service with an experienced team of employees.   We offer a wide range of services that you can depend on to be done right!  At Midwest Presort, we give you the peace of mind of working with a company large enough to meet your demands…But small enough to meet YOU!

Our Mission

At Midwest Presort Service we believe in the traditions of hard work, dependability, and trust. By combining these values with today’s technology we provide an unmatched level of service to our customers. We are a total service organization.  You have to do your mailing anyway, so why not save time and money while you are doing it. And do it with the confidence that it will be done right!

At Midwest Presort, we offer letter shop services including inserting, folding, statement printing, metering, labeling, tabbing, ink-jetting, OCR sorting and bar-coding, plus…

*Coding Accuracy Support System-verifies ZIP+4 is correct for the address.  Does not verify who lives at the address. To confirm the person still lives at the address, you need to process through NCOA. Call for more details.

Bar-coding and presorting: Letter Mail – Postage discounts of up to $0.113 (1 oz.), $0.263 (2 oz.), $0.413 (3 oz.)  are offered to mailers who barcode their mail pieces.  We also offer postage discounts for flats up to $0.10 when we barcode and presort the mail.

Intelligent inserting: Our Bell & Howell and Pitney Bowes inserting machines process a variety of inserts and envelopes, including window envelopes.

Ink Jet Addresses:  With correct data your mail pieces get to their destination in a timely fashion. Our programming can add barcodes to your address and also correct zip coding errors.