Mail Do’s and Don’ts

Inkjet labeling issues

DO leave a 2-inch tall by 4-inch wide space for the address and barcode when designing a mail piece.

DO try to design any self-mailers to open at the top. Less tabbing is required.

DO let us know which fields of the mail list file you want on the mail piece. We automatically assume Name, Company, Address 1&2, City State Zip.

DO put headers on the mailing list file so we will be sure to import them correctly.

DO put any foreign names on a separate mail list to insure proper addressing.

DON’T allow the printer to spray an aqueous coating (varnish) unless he blocks out a 2×4-inch space for the address to avoid smearing the ink used to address the mailpeice.

DON’T use dark colored envelopes. Color affects barcode readability.

DON’T send a list of names already in “label” format. We usually can not process this type of file. See “File preparation for ink jet jobs.” for more details

OCR Bar Coding Issues

DO write in clearly written block letters when addressing envelopes by hand

DO make sure the address can not slide out of the window when using window envelopes

DON’T put any print in the lower 1-inch (on the address side) of the mail piece. This is the barcode “clear zone” required by the Postal Service.

DON’T allow handwritten addresses to drop into the barcode clear zone mentioned above.

DON’T allow letters to touch when choosing a font (or if hand written). Courier fonts work best for reading well on our OCRs.

DON’T use dark colored envelopes. Color affects barcode readability

DON’T print extraneous information near the address. Extra text confuses the OCRs.