Q. Doesn’t mailing at a discounted rate mean slower delivery?

Absolutely not! We can still mail letters First Class but get significant savings by applying the barcodes and sorting it to speed through the postal system. Our barcodes even speed Standard Class mail sometimes to First Class delivery times!

Q: How are you able to get discounted postage rates?

We have similar equipment as the major post offices that barcode and sort the mail. We eliminate a labor intensive process for the Post Office so they give us discounted rates.

Q: Our company can sort mail for standard rates, how are you better?

By applying barcodes to the mail, we can get even lower postage rates than companies sorting their own mailings. This also speeds up delivery of the mail. Also, we have the expensive equipment that can make the mail look more professional.

Q. What is the difference between First Class and Standard (Bulk)?

Go to our Pros and Cons page for this one.

Q. What is your turnaround time to process a mailing?

For our daily presorting customers, we process and mail SAME DAY! For direct mail, our turnaround service standard is 48-72 hours.

Q. What are some common problems that increase costs so I can avoid them?

Click here to go to our “Mailing Do’s & Don’ts” page to avoid potential pitfalls in mailings.

Q. Do you require money prior to mailing?

We will require an estimated postage amount before we deposit the mailing. The difference will be made up on the invoice. For new customers, we may also require payment of services up front.

Q. What determines the postage you are able to get for us?

Many factors! The main determinants are:

  1. Where is it going? (entire U.S., In state, locally)
  2. How much is going to particular zip areas?
  3. What Class of mail? (First or Standard)

Q. In what format do you prefer the list of names?

We prefer tab delimited text or comma delimited text with a header row at the beginning. We can also easily convert Excel and Access databases. It is more difficult to process and correct Word files where the names are already in a label format.

Q. How do I send the file to you?

Physically, we prefer CD. Electronically, you can email the file to us at info@midwestpresort.com or call us for access to upload your file on our website.