Presorting and OCR Barcoding

Get discounted postage rates by allowing Midwest Presort to barcode and presort your letters and flats!

Postage rates start at $0.389 for first class mail and $0.233 ($0.112 for non-profits) for standard (bulk mail) for mailers who pre-barcode and sort their mail. Midwest Presort will do all the work and share the savings with the customer.

If you mail out over 300 letters at a time, Midwest Presort can save you time and money.

Inserting/ Statement processing

Leaders in the health care, education, insurance and banking industries are currently using Midwest Presort for this service.

Have your mail picked up at your door and your monthly mailing is done. We can often fold, insert and mail your pieces for the same 50 cents (or even less!) you are currently paying just on postage!

Lettershop Services

From list procurement to delivery into the USPS mailstream, Midwest Presort can help. We can standardize addresses, CASS certify and add barcode information to your mail list while meeting USPS regulations and getting you the maximum postal discounts. We can wafer seal up to three tabs in a single pass (along same side), assuring full automation compliance.

We Offer:

    • Daily metering services- save money on postage, equipment rentals, meter rentals and labor by letting us pick up your mail and mail it out at discounted postage rates!
    • Ink Jet Addressing
    • Folding
    • Labeling
    • Stamp Affixing
    • Collating
    • Tabbing, Water Seal
    • List acquisition
    • CASS certification, NCOA move update
    • Database Cleansing, standardizing, de-duping, and presorting
    • Inserting
    • Hand Assembly and Custom Mailings
    • On site USPS Verification

Midwest Presort offers superior quality service at the best price. Contact us today to see how we can save you time and money on mailings as little as 300 pieces.